Chris Amer

Guitarist - Composer

credit: photography78

credit: photography78

Scottish guitar player Chris Amer is slowly but surely establishing a reputation for his tasteful, distinctive, musically intelligent playing style. Over the past few years Chris has developed an original sound that utilises space, texture and carefully chosen notes; this ethos informs both his musical voice as a guitarist and his work as a composer.

Chris was born and raised in Edinburgh, and developed a keen interest in music whilst in high school. Throughout his teenage years he studied with renowned Edinburgh guitarist, Kevin Mackenzie, and moved to Glasgow in 2012 after gaining a place on the prestigious Jazz program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  As well as Jazz, Chris is equally at home playing traditional Scottish music; He personifies, in his playing, the ever blurring lines between the genres.

For several years Chris held the guitar chair with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, and on numerous occasions has appeared on ‘The Jazz House’ radio programme on BBC Radio Scotland. As well as being an active musician in his own right - writing, recording and releasing music - Chris is a founding member of Scottish trio 'Amer//Hawksworth//Munro', who released their debut EP 'Confluence' in late 2016.

As a composer, Chris has had work played on BBC Radio and at Glasgow PLUG New Music Festival, and in 2016 released a 7-track EP of his own material: 'Car Journey To North Berwick EP'.

Chris has now released his second EP; 5 original compositions of multi-tracked guitar music entitled, 'Looking Northwards, As Daylight Extends EP'.


Chris plays a guitar built to his own design, by Rory Dowling of Taran Guitars, Fife, Scotland.